Wild Action, Backyard Biodiversity Program

Wild Action has specialised in Early Childhood Education for the past 21 years. In fact Kindergarten incursions were the Foundation for Wild Action’s success.

It is a great honour for all of us at Wild Action to be invited to your Pre-School and absolutely WOW your children. It’s our firm view that the pre-school years are the most formative years for laying the foundations in environmental awareness and consciousness. Not only will Wild Action Shows create empathy and compassion for the Natural World, but also give the gift of wonderment and exploration to children.

Wild Action shows do make a difference!

We chose our Team members meticulously. You can’t just have anyone present to pre-schoolers, they’ll get eaten alive! Our tertiary qualified Team are not just Scientists and Teachers, they are also passionate and engaging presenters. Your children will be captivated and enthralled for our one hour interactive ‘hands-on’ shows GUARANTEED.

We bring to you an unbeatable selection of wildlife, and try to vary animals year to year. Our private zoological collection ensures that there is always something new from the Wild Action Zoo!

We also understand that why should your children have all of the fun? The Wild Action Team always engage and encourage your Staff/Team to take a walk on the wild side too! Don’t be surprised if you are asked to hold a giant python, owl or joey kangaroo.

It is our goal to make our Incursions the ‘HIT’ of your kinder calendar. We make sure that everyone touches and interacts with every animal, and that every child has a personal photo opportunity with a creature. We feel that this is so important for your child’s personal development, and friends and families get a big ‘kick’ out of seeing their child engaging with our animals.