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What is Pre-School?

The pre-school year helps the children prepare for the ‘outside world’ in the form of group contact.

In pre-school, the program is based on play. Through play, children are in fact learning skills and attitudes, which will be valuable to them throughout their lives.

A program is planned each week based on the educators’ observations of the children, noting their strengths, needs, interests and developmental levels. The various experiences offered at pre-school cover the different areas of child development. Excursions and special visitors complement the program.

Socially, the child is learning to live with others by

  • sharing and taking turns
  • leading at times
  • allowing to be led by others
  • conforming to limits
  • standing up for him/herself
  • respecting the rights of others

Creativity is encouraged by the use of paint, collage, finger-paint, sand, water, drawing, music and movement.

Imaginative play is fostered through the home corner, dress ups and props such as steering wheels and ladders. The child can play-act his/her ideas and feelings to understand themselves better.

Physical skills are developed through climbing, cutting and pasting, threading and woodwork.

Intellectual growth is stimulated through problems solving during play, puzzles, books, discussions and excursions. The child learns to express him/herself better through stories, poetry and discussions.